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Mavazi Fab India Private Limited: Your Leading Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturer & Exporter in India. We specialize in producing and exporting high-quality non-woven fabrics. As the top supplier in India, we pride ourselves on delivering superior products tailored to your needs.
Our dedication to quality has helped us rise to the top of India's supplier hierarchy. We are really proud of our capacity to offer top-notch non-woven materials that are expertly made to satisfy each individual client's need. Mavazi Fab India is committed to providing a wide selection of non-woven textiles that are superior in terms of both utility and quality.

  • Non woven carry bags
  • Bopp Laminated Fabrics
  • Spunbond Fabrics
  • Hydrophilic Fabrics
  • Spunlace Fabrics
  • SSMMS Fabrics

Throughout the production process, as a manufacturer, we uphold strict quality requirements. Thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies we have, we are able to produce non-woven fabrics that surpass industry standards. Our goods exhibit an exceptional level of attention to detail, from texture to durability, making them stand out in terms of longevity and performance. Customization is our top priority in addition to our dedication to quality in order to meet the wide range of needs of our clients. Mavazi Fab India's team collaborates closely with clients to develop custom non-woven textiles that meet their requirements since we recognize that each application calls for a different approach. Our commitment to providing excellent non-woven materials to organizations has been firmly established, thanks in large part to our customer-centric approach. Mavazi Fab India Private Limited is still the industry leader in the highly competitive terrain of non-woven fabric manufacturing and export. We are the go-to provider for anyone looking for dependable and high-performance non-woven fabrics in India and beyond because of our consistent commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. Select Mavazi Fab India if you want a collaboration that combines knowledge, quality, and a dedication to fulfilling your specific fabric requirements.


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