Mavazi Fab India Pvt Ltd is a company that specializes in producing and distributing products made of spunbond, BOPP laminated, and non-woven fabrics.

Engineered textiles called non-woven fabrics are created from fibers joined together by heat, solvent treatment, mechanical means, or chemical means. Their cost-effectiveness, breathability, and durability make them useful in a range of applications.

Our products cater to a wide range of industries including packaging, agriculture, construction, healthcare, hygiene products, and more.

Yes, we provide specialized solutions made to match the unique demands and specifications of our customers. We collaborate closely with our customers to deliver goods that precisely match their tastes, whether it means adjusting sizes, colors, or specifications.

By getting in touch with our sales team via phone or email, you can place an order. Your questions about products, prices, and order processing will be answered by our specialists.

Yes, we really do care about the environment and sustainability. Our non-woven materials can be produced in an environmentally responsible manner and are frequently recyclable. Furthermore, the durability of our BOPP laminated fabrics minimizes waste and the need for regular replacements.

Mavazi Fab India